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  • MV "Pukatea"
    MV 'Pukatea' Steel motorised barge
    LOA 30m
    Beam 7.6m
    Draft 1.5m
    Dead Weight 100 ton
    Speed 10 knots
    Year Built 2000
    Specifications: Twin Screw and 50HP bow thrusters
      Powered by 2 x NT855 Cummins engines
      250HP @ 1800 RPM
  • Dumb Barge "Hinau"
    Dumb Barge 'Hinau' steel non propelled barge
    LOA 27m
    Beam 7.6m
    Draft .7m
    Dead Weight 200 ton
    Year Built 2003
  • MV "Tawhai"
    MV ‘Tawhai’ kauri hull tow vessel
    LOA 46 ft
    Speed 10 knots
    Year Built 1966
    Specifications: Twin Screw
      Powered by 2 x 6LXB Gardner engines
      150HP @1650 RPM
  • MV "Mahoe"
    MV ‘Mahoe’ Steel Landing Craft
    LOA 37.10m
    Beam 9.00m
    Draft 2m
    Speed 9 knots
    Year built 1982
    Dead Weight 150 Ton
    Specifications: 3 x Cummins NTA-855 engines
      Total of 780 Kw
      Bow thruster